Our mission is to provide new shoes
and socks to underserved children


provided to underserved children … and still counting!


to serve our home communities in Colorado and Illinois


expanding our mission of providing “Shoes for Kids” across America

Share the Spirit Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2003 by sisters-in-law Karen Voepel and Tonya Voepel.

At Share the Spirit Foundation, our mission is to provide underserved children with new shoes and socks. We go above and beyond by offering a personalized shopping experience, where a committed volunteer assists each child with choosing their very own pair of new shoes. We strongly believe this not only fulfills a child's basic necessity but also nurtures their independence, pride and self-esteem.

Share the Spirit in Action

In Partnership with Keefe Memorial Hospital Health Fair

Cheyenne Wells, CO was the location for a huge Shoes for Kids event in coordination with Keefe Memorial Health Service. 126 students from several rural schools in Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, Sharon Springs, Burlington and Plainview received new shoes and socks from Share the Spirit Foundation.

Providing Shoes for Families of the James Project

The James Project assists foster families in Springfield, Illinois and we recently met 22 families at Shoe Carnival where a total of 68 kids received new shoes and socks. Our volunteers were able to see first-hand the love and security these families provide to their children. Share the Spirit is proud to be a part of this essential program in Sangamon County.

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Our Fundraisers

2024 Fundraisers

June 07, 2024


Collaborating with school officials is at the core of our mission.  By working closely with teachers, administrators and social workers, we are confident we can identify children who require assistance.

Children often already receive hand-me-downs, used shoes or discarded shoes that do not fit properly.  We want to ensure that every pair of shoes fit perfectly.  Thus, our fundraising efforts provide the monetary means to buy new shoes and socks.

Throughout the year we organize multiple fundraisers, helping to gather the necessary funds.  Additionally, we warmly welcome donations and actively pursue grants.  Since we are an all-volunteer organization, our fundraisers are specifically designed to support the acquisition of new shoes.

We have a volunteer sign-up sheet on our website at sharethespirit.info.  We would be happy to include your name on our list of volunteers.  Thank you so much.

We have a donation tab on our website at sharethespirit.info.  We are most grateful for any amount of contribution.  Thank you so much.  We are a 501c3 foundation.  All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable under law.

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