Impact of new shoes

To date, Share the Spirit Foundation, Inc., has provided over 20,500 pair of new shoes to children in need. Studies show that children’s footwear plays an important role in the healthy growth of foot and gait development during adolescence. Studies also show that families who can meet basic needs such as food, housing and medical care experience less stress, which allows them to provide the critical support that children need to grow into healthy, productive adults. Finally, research shows that children are in the best position to learn more deeply when their basic needs are met. STS addresses all of these vital needs for our community. Many low-income children come to STS with hand-me-down shoes that often do not properly fit their foot. This improper and worn-out fit can lead to pain, cold, reduced participation in activities, shame, anxiety and truancy. Ill-fitting shoes can especially affect those with special needs who may not have the cognitive ability or communication skills to share the effects of their poorly fitting shoes.

Share the Spirit Foundation Goals:

  1. Better meet basic needs of students to allow teachers and caregivers to focus on expanding their education.
  2. Help support the emotional and mental well-being of students.
  3. Help reduce stigma and negative effects of income disparities in the learning environment.
  4. Expand our offerings to older students who are often left out of local community services due to age, sigma and family responsibilities.

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